Thursday, May 26, 2011

*SOLD* Romance Bracelet: Rhodonite & Lilac Stone

You'll feel romantic and beautiful in this rhodonite and lilac stone bracelet accented with pewter Tierracast Turkish rondelles. 

The focal stone is a deep purple amethyst with earthy inclusions that led me to make it the centerpiece of this design.  Rosy pink rhodonite comes from Australia, Sweden, and Vancouver and because of its natural deep colored inclusions, it is easy to wear with soft, cool colors in spring and warmer hues in autumn.  Rhodonite is relaxing and quiets our busy minds.  It beckons us to stop and breathe in the scent of honeysuckle on a breeze or really take in the deep perfume of red roses.  Lilac stone is a variety of quartz that is new to the mineral market.  Also called lavender stone, these beads are a graceful blend of grey and light and dark lavender hues. 

This bracelet measures 8" including the silver toggle clasp and will fit most wrists. 

For reference, my wrist is 6" and when standing with my arm at my side, the bracelet rests on the top of my hand about 2 1/2" from my wrist.  

As always, lead and nickel free!  Buy it here on Etsy!

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