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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Alex: OOAK Unisex Necklace

Here's Alex! 

I made this necklace for my RAW artists showcase. There are a few more new pieces coming this week.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Río de Rosas: Custom Necklace

One more custom order to complete a full week!

Río de Rosas, or River of Roses, is a special one-of-a-kind custom necklace featuring 251 beads plus a beautifully faceted rose quartz briolette.  Well over half of the beads used in this necklace are 1X1mm or less, so stringing this necklace was an intense effort!

Perfectly symmetrical, each side of the necklace has 47 iridescent iris blue Delica® glass seed beads, 10 turquoise rounds, 20 blue turquoise and blue howlite chips, 20 rose quartz chips, 23 pieces of tiny hand-faceted Karen Hill Tribe silver beads (which are at least 97% pure silver), and four rose quartz rondelles.  Three tiny iris blue seed beads complete the rhodium-plated clasp and closure for an added personal touch.  Adding flourish and interest to the rose quartz briolette is a swag of turquoise beads on sterling silver hardware, upcycled from a pair of earrings I no longer wear.  I love how the colors interact in this little space and throughout the necklace, and I hope its future owner will love it too!

closeup of seed beads & Hill Tribe silver
Turquoise is a powerful healing stone that can help wearers with meditation, balance, and communication.  It is associated with Taurus and Aquarius.  Turquoise is a protective stone that enhances love, friendship, and loyalty.  Silver draws out negative energy and encourages non-judgement and self-approval.  Like turquoise, howlite is useful for communication and helps with memory, learning, facilitating awareness and emotional expression.  Linked with Gemini and the crown chakra, howlite helps alleviate stress while eliminating procrastination.

close up of rose quartz briolette and turquoise swag
 Associated with the heart chakra and the signs Aries, Taurus, Virgo, and Libra, rose quartz is a stone of "unconditional love."  It encourages all forms of love including self-love, self-confidence, and romantic love.  It also brings forgiveness and gentleness, tolerance and acceptance, and increased receptivity to colors, sounds, art, music, and poetry.  Rose quartz helps boost creativity and is calming, reducing stress, clears anger, resentment, guilt, fear, and jealously.  It is truly an amazing stone!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

River's Way Bracelet: Custom Order

A custom order with an inspired, yet spontaneous, design...

River's Way

The owner of this bracelet gave me free reign with a design, and because she is a dear friend, I wanted it to be unique, very wearable, and reflective of her personality.  I thought my Teagan bracelet would be a nice foundation to base this new design on because of it's versatility and color scheme (blue is the owner's favorite color).  
This bracelet, of an intentional asymmetrical design, features blue-green mosaic turquoise, turquoise blue chips, a gunmetal wire globe, and a lucky fish charm near the Tibetan silver toggle clasp.  Asymmetrical placements intrigue me because I feel they they add movement and liveliness to designs..  When I completed this bracelet, the first image that came to mind was the movement of a bright blue river flowing through a vibrant. fertile landscape; thus, "River's Way" was born. 


Turquoise is a powerful healing stone that can help wearers with meditation, balance, and communication.  It is also a protective stone that enhances love, friendship, and loyalty.  Find out more about Turquoise here.   The blue turquoise chips add color and dimension to the off centered focal point of the bracelet.  I've had these blue chips for a long time, and only a limited amount remain.  They are a rich turquoise blue and may be either natural turquoise or dyed howlite.  The lucky fish charm (the only one I have) is suspended by an iris blue stream of Delica seed beads, which adds uniqueness and a touch of youthfulness to the design.

For more one of a kind bracelet designs, see these listings on Etsy:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

*SOLD* Lillian I Earrings

I made these lovelies to match my Lillian I necklace, a part of my my Lillian series, which is inspired by exquisite purple and gold Thai Water Lilies (see the second picture and link below).

These earrings feature deep purple to violet amethyst chips atop a golden faceted bead, heavily plated with 22 karat gold, and a lilac stone drop finished with a precious Delica®, glass, silver-lined chocolate seed bead.

Find out more here!
See the matching necklace here:

Monday, May 23, 2011

*SOLD* White Lotus in Golden Bloom Earrings

You'll feel lovely wearing these white carved cinnabar and iridescent green freshwater pearl earrings.  Hung on gold plated copper ear wires, and finished with deep purple seed beads, these earrings are lightweight and measure 2" long and 3/4" at their widest point.   Limited edition, lead and nickel free.  Buy them here!

*This type of white cinnabar has been hard to come by, so this design may not return until late fall!*