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Sunday, May 27, 2012

New this evening!

The Aegean bracelet is inspired by the colors of the Mediterranean Sea.

  Kathmandu Dreams IV is a reinvention of Kathmandu Dreams I.  I'm in love with this new version!

Find out all the details on Etsy.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

First Three Pieces of the New Spring Collection Now Available!

Spring Flowers I and II and Wildflower I are here!  These necklaces have a classic amethyst and rose quartz pairing with additional accents that transform them into one-of-a-kind bohemian pieces!

Click on each necklace's name for more information and pricing.

Detail of Spring Flowers I
Detail of the clasp I hand forged & hammered for Spring Flowers I

Wildflower I in low light.
Welcoming spring!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

*SOLD* Bohemian Engagement II: OOAK Necklace

Bohemian Engagement II

 This one-of-a-kind necklace is fun, bohemian, and full of texture and pattern. The necklace will make a statement with its asymmetrical design and black cinnabar lucky fish focal piece.  This is the second in my bohemian engagement series, which means it was born on a whim (the materials found themselves together and I liked the way they looked!).

Blue mosaic turquoise, green cinnabar, and black and gold Lucite globes make up the composition and hematite rondelles near the ends of the necklace add interest.  This necklace is 16 1/2", so it rests just above the collarbone beautifully.  (See the first image featuring a life-size bust.)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

*SOLD* The Rachel - OOAK Pink Jade Necklace with Lucite & Vintage Lucite, Ceramic, and Antique Bronze Globes

I have a bad habit.  I love to make pieces that become instant favorites!  This necklace, The Rachel, named for my best friend who suggested the basic color scheme, is one of those instant favorites.  It is bohemian, one-of-a-kind, and full of color and texture.  If you don't like to receive compliments, or have pieces that you can wear  with a host of colors and for almost any occasion, then this isn't the necklace for you!  But, if you do love to hear, "Where did you get that?" or "Wow, what a necklace!" then The Rachel is definitely a Bohemian Earth design you should seriously consider (and, you'll know that you are the only person wearing this one-of-a-kind piece)! 

Many materials went into this necklace's design.  It features hot pink jade gemstones, six black and gold Lucite globes, two vintage faceted aged gold Lucite beads from Turkey with an amazing pattern, four ceramic globes with beautiful greens, browns, and a touch of turquoise blue, and two antiqued brass Bali style beads, which make Earthy, tribal, and bohemian centerpieces.  Antique bronze discs are interspersed in the front third of the necklace and two sparkly blue goldstone beads, an adjustable clasp, and an antique bronze Kwan Yin charm with pink jade and blue goldstone dangle complete the necklace.

The necklace looks great with a range of colors from black to white to pink and even yellow.  This is due to its many hues that are enhanced even more by light.  When I bought the ceramic globes in New Mexico years ago, I loved their color along with their pattern and texture.  I use these globes sparingly and I think this design wouldn't be complete without them!  The black and gold Lucite balls are textured and pick up the color of the centerpieces and vintage beads.  Wow.  I really love this design, and I know you will also!

Looks amazing with so many colors!
The is necklace is of moderate weight and measures 18 1/4" at its shortest length to 19 1/4" at its longest length.  The largest globes are just under an inch in diameter.  The dangle near the clasp is about 1 1/2" long and the Kwan Yin charm is the size of a quarter.

Detail of centerpieces
Detail of clasp and Kwan Yin charm dangle
Detail of lower 1/3
Love Love Love!!!

My Stormy Neptune earrings also go well with this necklace.  Read about them here and buy them on Etsy.

*SOLD* Pink Lantern Earrings - OOAK Pink Jade, Blue Goldstone, & Kuan Yin Carms

These one-of-a-kind earrings are fun, bright, and lively.  They feature two sided antique bronze Kwan Yin (Guanyin, Kuan Yin) charms with pink jade and blue goldstone dangles.  Kwan Yin is the Bodhisattva of compassion and is believed to hear the cries of the world; on the back of this quarter-sized piece is the yin yang symbol.  The deep midnight blue goldstone looks almost black, and its flecks of copper bring even more movement and glamour to these eye-catching earrings. 

These look amazing with hot pink, black, and white accents.

According to, Pink jade promotes,"Harmony, peace, fidelity, confidence [and is] a wonderful dream stone," which I think is fitting paired with Kwan Yin.  These moderate weight earrings are 3 1/8" long total.  The charms and dangles measure 2 1/8" alone.  

These earrings were inspired by The Rachel necklace! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

*SOLD* Amazonite, Vermeil, and Mother of Pearl Necklace: Kathrina - OOAK

Kathrina: Elegant and bohemian...

"Kathrina" is the first necklace in my high-end collection featuring vermeil, amazonite, and a mother of pearl stone encased in a 22 karat gold plated brass pendant.  This one-of-a-kind necklace is both classic and bohemian as its design combines an elegant shade of aquamarine blue with matte gold components with  organic textures.  The name Kathrina, a variant of the Greek name Katherine, means "pure," which I feel is apropos.

Each faceted amazonite stone is a natural pastel shade of aqua blue and is separated by a piece of faceted vermeil.  There are over thirty pieces of vermeil, 22 karat gold plated sterling silver, in this exquisite necklace.

The focal piece of this necklace is a mother of pearl stone in a beautiful 22 karat matte gold plated brass pendant.  Three matte gold plated brass drops add interest and movement to the centerpiece.  The mother of pearl is a lovely opalescent white and looks stunning set against the matte gold frame.  The pendant is 2 1/8" wide and 2" long from top of bail to end of drops.


Two organically textured 22 karat gold plated brass tubes echo and compliment the textured bail of the mother of pearl pendant.

Near the ends of the necklace are two 22 karat matte gold plated brass cones with floral scalloping and a lightly textured motif.  Tiny white shell beads terminate each side of the necklace and add balance to the design.

The necklace ranges from 20 5/8" to 22 1/2" long.  At 22", or matinee length,  it is versatile for office, evening, and casual wear.  And, worn at it's shortest length, it would look lovely with a v-neck or sweetheart neckline wedding gown.  Kathrina closes with a vintage-style lobster clasp (see the first three images of this post for details).

For those interested in the necklace's metaphysical properties, the combination of mother of pearl, amazonite, and gold make this necklace perfect for increasing intuition and creativity.  In addition to the latter properties, Amazonite is associated with the throat chakra, which helps communication and understanding.  Mother of Pearl, also known for its ability to increase one's intuition and psychic abilities, is associated with the heart chakra.  Because this necklace has a high gold content, it is important to note that gold holds and therefore increases the energies of the other stones in the necklace (source here) . 

You can buy this necklace here at my Etsy shop !

Sunday, July 17, 2011

*SOLD* Lillian III Earrings: Amethyst & Lilac Stone Inspired by Thai Water Lilies

I love my Lillian I earrings, so I decided to make a similar pair that is also  one-of-a-kind.   These lightweight earrings are full of movement and the purple and gold--the colors of the Thai Water Lilies that inspired my Lillian Collection.   

These earrings feature deep purple to violet amethyst chips and Delica®, glass, silver-lined chocolate seed beads, which are secured by a gold tube bead on gold-over-brass teardrop hoops.  A golden faceted bead, heavily plated with 22 karat gold, a lilac stone, and a precious Delica® seed bead complete the drop that dances below the amethyst. 

This third version of Lillian earrings will compliment the Lillian I or Lillian II necklaces well.  Lillian III earrings come with ear nuts so you can wear them fastened through the first or second ring, for a touch of elegance, or unfastened, for a more contemporary look (e.g. see images above and below).  They are approximately 2" long fastened or unfastened (including the 3/4" drop).

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