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Sunday, July 17, 2011

*SOLD* Lillian III Earrings: Amethyst & Lilac Stone Inspired by Thai Water Lilies

I love my Lillian I earrings, so I decided to make a similar pair that is also  one-of-a-kind.   These lightweight earrings are full of movement and the purple and gold--the colors of the Thai Water Lilies that inspired my Lillian Collection.   

These earrings feature deep purple to violet amethyst chips and Delica®, glass, silver-lined chocolate seed beads, which are secured by a gold tube bead on gold-over-brass teardrop hoops.  A golden faceted bead, heavily plated with 22 karat gold, a lilac stone, and a precious Delica® seed bead complete the drop that dances below the amethyst. 

This third version of Lillian earrings will compliment the Lillian I or Lillian II necklaces well.  Lillian III earrings come with ear nuts so you can wear them fastened through the first or second ring, for a touch of elegance, or unfastened, for a more contemporary look (e.g. see images above and below).  They are approximately 2" long fastened or unfastened (including the 3/4" drop).

See the matching necklace here:
and here:
And more earrings in the Lillian series here:
and here:
See the Lillian bracelet here:

Search Lillian on this blog's search feature to view pieces from the collection.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lillian II Earrings: Vintage Lucite & Lilac Stone Inspired by Thai Water Lilies

The Lillian collection has been my favorite by far.  I love the glamorous combination of purple and gold, which is inspired by Thai Water Lilies.  The Lillian II necklace and earrings will complete this collection for now as I plan to work on a few other designs.  I tried to capture the rich color of the amethyst and lilac stones in the photos while finding a setting that showed the detail and texture of the beautiful handmade Naga pendant in the necklace (see this post) and the vintage gold Lucite globes in the earrings .  These pieces really are beautiful and will bring many compliments! 

These are the second pair of earrings in my Lillian collection, inspired by purple and gold Thai water lilies.  These match my Lillian II necklace (see the last image and link below), but will certainly make a statement of their own!

These earrings feature vintage gold Lucite globes (that look wonderful in any light), lilac stone beads, TierraCast gold plated pewter Turkish beads, and faceted beads heavily plated with 22-karat gold.  Two  Delica® silver-lined chocolate glass seed beads grace the end of each earring.  These statement-making earrings hang from gold plated brass  kidney wires and are approximately 2 1/8" long and 1/2" at their widest point.  

These earrings are dramatic, but lightweight.  They are limited edition, as the golden Lucite balls are vintage.  Two pairs sold at my line launch and I've heard that they draw many compliments!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

*SOLD* Romance Bracelet: Rhodonite & Lilac Stone

You'll feel romantic and beautiful in this rhodonite and lilac stone bracelet accented with pewter Tierracast Turkish rondelles. 

The focal stone is a deep purple amethyst with earthy inclusions that led me to make it the centerpiece of this design.  Rosy pink rhodonite comes from Australia, Sweden, and Vancouver and because of its natural deep colored inclusions, it is easy to wear with soft, cool colors in spring and warmer hues in autumn.  Rhodonite is relaxing and quiets our busy minds.  It beckons us to stop and breathe in the scent of honeysuckle on a breeze or really take in the deep perfume of red roses.  Lilac stone is a variety of quartz that is new to the mineral market.  Also called lavender stone, these beads are a graceful blend of grey and light and dark lavender hues. 

This bracelet measures 8" including the silver toggle clasp and will fit most wrists. 

For reference, my wrist is 6" and when standing with my arm at my side, the bracelet rests on the top of my hand about 2 1/2" from my wrist.  

As always, lead and nickel free!  Buy it here on Etsy!

Monday, May 23, 2011

*SOLD* White Lotus in Silver Lavender Earrings

You'll feel lovely wearing these white carved cinnabar and lilac stone earrings.  Lilac stone is a variety of quartz that is new to the mineral market.  Also called lavender stone, these beads are a graceful blend of grey and light and dark lavender hues.  Hung on platinum plated copper ear wires, these earrings are lightweight and measure 2" long and 3/4" at their widest point. Buy them at my Etsy store!  As always, lead and nickel free.

*This type of white cinnabar has been hard to come by, so this design may not return until late fall!*