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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Illuminated Twilight Bracelet: Custom Order

A very special custom order.... 
Illuminated Twilight

The owner of the original Twilight bracelet was in a serious car accident, and sadly lost the bracelet to what we believe was the force of the airbag's impact.  Thankfully, she survived the accident with no serious injuries and was able to salvage a few pieces from original bracelet from the wreckage of her totaled vehicle.  She wanted me to incorporate pieces from the original bracelet into a new design and "Illuminated Twilight" was born.

Deep blue with flecks of gold pyrite, Lapis is known for its  protective, stress relieving, and peace enhancing qualities.  It also encourages self-awareness, self-expression, and one's sense of confidence (source here).  The green shell stimulates "intuition, sensitivity, imagination and adaptability" along with providing "insight into decision-making [and] cooperation between the self and others, as well as within the self"(source here).  A Tibetan silver toggle clasp and two dangles made with Preciosa pressed Czech glass in an iridescent purple complete the new design.  A lot of love and energy went into this design and we are both happy with the result!

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

*SOLD* Lillian III Earrings: Amethyst & Lilac Stone Inspired by Thai Water Lilies

I love my Lillian I earrings, so I decided to make a similar pair that is also  one-of-a-kind.   These lightweight earrings are full of movement and the purple and gold--the colors of the Thai Water Lilies that inspired my Lillian Collection.   

These earrings feature deep purple to violet amethyst chips and Delica®, glass, silver-lined chocolate seed beads, which are secured by a gold tube bead on gold-over-brass teardrop hoops.  A golden faceted bead, heavily plated with 22 karat gold, a lilac stone, and a precious Delica® seed bead complete the drop that dances below the amethyst. 

This third version of Lillian earrings will compliment the Lillian I or Lillian II necklaces well.  Lillian III earrings come with ear nuts so you can wear them fastened through the first or second ring, for a touch of elegance, or unfastened, for a more contemporary look (e.g. see images above and below).  They are approximately 2" long fastened or unfastened (including the 3/4" drop).

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and here:
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Stormy Neptune Earrings

The blue-green ceramic globes are reminiscent of the planet Neptune and its mysterious, swirling blue atmosphere.   The larger inclusions bring to mind Neptune's Dark Great Spot--the planet's massive storm.  These earrings are finished with red magnesite rondelles, that are a bright hot pink, bright blue gemstone beads, and Preciosa Czech glass flower bead caps.  The ear wires are platinum plated copper and are lead and nickel free.  These moderate-weight earrings measure 2 1/4" long and 3/4" at their widest point.  Buy them on Etsy!