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Sunday, July 3, 2011

*SOLD* Iridescence - 13/20 Collection Bracelet #1: Green Shell & Hematite

"Iridescence" is the first piece of what I imagine will be a small collection of bracelets and lightweight necklaces suitable for dancing.  To learn more about the 13/20 Collection, see this post.

This bracelet was crafted with the concept of "Natural Time" or "Our Organic State," the second principle of Nia Dance's 52 Principles, in mind.  Thirteen pieces of hematite represent and support the body's 13 joints and 20 spiked pieces of iridescent green shell represent and support the body's 20 digits.  This bracelet is lightweight and perfect for dancing (it will look amazing as you and others catch glimpses of it in motion). 

I chose the materials for this first 13/20 bracelet carefully.  I wanted materials that supported the 13 joints and digits and found that Hematite and shell would work well together both energetically and aesthetically.  Hematite is known for its grounding and protective properties and it is also believed to impart "courage, strength, endurance and vitality," all of which are important for dancing and healthy joint function.  Hematite also supports balance between the body, spirit, and mind while focusing energy and providing balance between "the ethereal nervous system and the physical nervous system."  Furthermore, Hematite is believed to help regenerate bodily tissue, the absorption of iron, and treats leg cramps, and aids spinal alignment and fractures (source here).

For the 20 stones that represent the body's digits, I wanted to use a natural material that was stimulating in order to encourage a kinesthetic, material connection with one's environment.  I think shell is perfect for this task as it stimulates "intuition, sensitivity, imagination and adaptability" along with providing "insight into decision-making [and] cooperation between the self and others, as well as within the self"(source here).

This bracelet is 6 ¾" long, fits a wrist or arm up to 6 ¾", and closes with a Tibetan silver toggle clasp.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

13/20 Collection: Inspiration for the Collection

Even though I have quite a few finished pieces to post here and on Etsy, I'm already planning a new collection.  A few weeks ago, I was introduced to the concept of "Natural Time" or "Our [Body's] Organic State" and its relationship to the code 13/20 (aka 13:20) in my morning Nia dance class.  (Read more about Nia here:  "Natural Time" or "Our Organic State" is the second principle of Nia's 52 Principles and according to Terre Pruitt, a Nia instructor (via,

"There is the Natural Time of the Mayans with the 13 moons to a year and there is the Natural Time of one’s body and one’s own movements.  In a Nia workout class even as the teacher is leading the participants through a routine, the participants are encouraged to follow their own natural time....So even though [teacher and participants] are moving all together [they] are doing it in [their] own time....Moving in natural time helps us connect deeply with our own bodies."

Thus, a sense of individuality and self-knowledge is achieved in the midst of a deep connectedness with others.  And, no one is forced to move in ways unnatural to her body, yet she is encouraged to explore the expansiveness of movement and may be inspired by the movements of her fellow classmates and teacher.   This is something I have loved about Nia since I began dancing about two years ago.  Furthermore, Pruitt explains,

"Nia also considers 13/20 to be the code of Natural Time.  There are 13 major joints and 20 digits of the body.  Body movements moving all 13 joints and 20 digits is a way to receive information from the body."

As my Nia instructor, Caroline Dyar, explained this concept, I began thinking about how I could fashion a jewelry collection around  13/20.  Perhaps I could have 13 stones known for their healing properties (as many people experience joint pain no matter how active they are) paired with 20 stones known for their stimulating properties (to encourage a kinesthetic, material connection with one's environment).  I am now thinking of  and researching materials and sketching designs that will enable me to craft a collection devoted to the concept of Natural Time.  I'm looking forward to posting more about his endeavor soon!

See this interesting article for more information on the Mayans and Natural Time: