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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FÍONA Necklace & Earrings: OOAK Green Moasic Turquoise Set

I haven't made very many earring and necklace sets, so the Fíona collection is special.  This set is also the last of the pieces I made for my line launch back in May, and the last of the completed pieces ready for purchase.  The set is one of my favorites and is in my favorite color: green.  I am working on completing three more necklaces and I have a few more designs in mind, so I will be posting new items soon.


Fíona is an Irish Gaelic name meaning "vine,"and I think it suits this necklace perfectly.  This necklace features beautiful green mosaic turquoise, which has a striking green, black, and white with hints of gray and brown pattern.  Each bead is unique and, altogether, the necklace is sure to draw compliments.

This one-of-a-kind necklace has is modern and asymmetrical, as it has two, arguably three,  focal points.  A large silver-over-Lucite-and-copper focal bead (approx. 1 ½" by ¼") and a gunmetal wire mesh bead are the main foci of the necklace, but the Tibetan silver toggle clasp and silver leaf charm  also make a statement.

The necklace feels lightweight on and measures 18½"and 3/8" inch wide, excepting the silver focal bead.

The Fíona earrings make a statement on their own with their green mosaic turquoise globes, Indian bloodstone tubes, and silver leaf drops. 


The bloodstone is mostly a rich, deep hunter green, but has flecks of blood red and some lighter green tones.  Paired with the green mosaic turquoise, these are perfect for lovers of all things green.

Bloodstone has long been known for its healing properties and it helps re-align energies, increase one's courage, and encourages awareness and being-in-the-moment.  Bloodstone is also believed to help revitalize relationships and renew physical, mental, and emotional realms of one's life (source here).  It is a very special stone with a lot of aesthetic appeal.

So, although the necklace and earrings were made for each other, I think they will be statement pieces on their own, but I do hope one person gets to wear them together!

The earrings are lightweight and just shy of 3" long.  You can buy them here on Etsy.

You can buy the necklace here on Esty.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mint Tea I & II: Green Turquoise & Silver Leaves

Mint Tea I and II are the same design, but one pair has a heavier matrix than the other, making them both one-of-a-kind finished pieces.  I love the way the light plays on the wood surface while showcasing the beautiful turquoise and silver pairing.

The turquoise in Mint Tea I has a heavier matrix.

With a hint of sunlight...

These earrings are elegant, bohemian, and contemporary all at once.  They feature light green turquoise stones and silver leaf drops, and they remind me of how I feel when I enjoy cool mint tea on a warm summer morning.  They also have a slight southwestern flair.  Mint I and II are lightweight, 2 ½" long, and hang on silver-over-brass french hook wires.

The turquoise in Mint Tea II has a lighter, more diffuse matrix.


In soft morning light...

Please note that the turquoise is somewhat lighter and softer in person than the images above portray.  The image below best represents the true shade. 

Mint Tea I on left & Mint Tea II on right

Buy Mint Tea I here on Etsy!
Buy Mint Tea II here on Etsy!