Wednesday, July 27, 2011

September Bracelet: Orange Jade, Textured Silver Rounds, and Antiqued Copper Globe

Another new bracelet....

This bracelet  reminds me of the month of September with its harvest color palette, but I'm sure it would look lovely from the lazy days of summer to the frost-bitten days of winter.

Six textured silver  rounds, chunky and organic, compliment the rich antiqued copper tone globe and light pumpkin-orange carved jade beads.  Two heavily plated and faceted silver beads frame the antiqued copper globe with floral detail.  Near the toggle bar, a tiny white shell bead adds interest to the design.

Perhaps the most interesting detail about this bracelet is the carved jade beads.  I've consulted and some say they look like little pigs, and it so happens that in some cultures, pigs are lucky!  Both the Chinese and Irish consider the pig to be a symbol of luck, and the Chinese believe they bring luck and success to businesses (see source).  So, let this bracelet bring a little luck into your life!

The bracelet is 7 1/2" long and fits a wrist up to 6 1/2".

Treasury Item! Green Empress Bracelet: Green Cinnabar, Natural Seeds, Coral, and Pyrite

Lately, I've been in love with making bracelets.

The Green Empress Bracelet draws on the Empress collection's aim to make the wearer of each piece feel beautiful, creative, and courageous (read about the first one here and the second one here).  I love how the natural materials in this bracelet come together to create a distinct and elegant piece.

This one-of-a-kind bracelet features six green cinnabar beads, which are carved with an Asian design, three natural seeds, which have been coated to protect their striking beauty, a large white coral globe, and three pyrite rondelles I've polished to a nice luminosity.  Two TierraCast Turkish-style gold rondelles frame the largest of the seeds, which is a lovely shade of golden mustard.  There are other hints of gold in this bracelet including the three textured brass discs nestled between the coral globe and chunky seed. 

For those who enjoy stone lore, Pyrite, also known as Fool's Gold, is grounding, encourages positivity and the release of old emotional baggage.  It is also a protective and enhances one's "intelligence, mental stability, logic, analysis, creativity, memory, and psychic development" (source here).  Pyrite is associated with the sun signs Gemini and Virgo.  Coral is known for its ability to bring internal peace, settle emotions, and aids intuition, visualization, and the circulatory and nervous systems (source here).  Coral is associated with the sun sign Libra.

This bracelet is 8 1/4" long and will fit up to a 6 1/2" wrist (6 3/4" is a tight squeeze) .  Please  note that the coral is white with a spongey surface.  If dirt gets into the crevices of the coral globe, you can clean the globe by gently blotting with water and very mild soap (if necessary).

Buy this bracelet here on Etsy!

Update 7/28/11: This is the second Bohemian Earth item featured in an Etsy treasury! See the treasury here!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Coming Soon...

While I wait on a few more materials to arrive for my high-end collection, I've been working on a necklace featuring white magnesite, blue turquoise, amber, and pyrite along with a bracelet featuring green cinnabar, mustard colored natural seeds, and white coral.

I'm really excited about these pieces.  The bracelet is right-on for fall, which is only a few months away, and the colors and design will make this piece one-of-a-kind and a piece one can wear for seasons and years to come.  The necklace has a southwest feel with a bit of an edge--I'm saving further details until it's complete.

I'm also designing a few silver-toned earrings that will most likely feature chunky, organic-looking silver pieces and dramatic rustic silver drops. These earrings will be substantial and statement-making (I may have to make a copy for myself!).

More than one of these pieces should be ready and posted here and on Etsy by the end of this week... I'm looking forward to completing them and their subsequent unveiling!

Update 8/7/11:  See the fall colors bracelet and the chunky earrings that evolved into another bracelet here and here.  I'll finish and re-envision the other items this week!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bohemian Engagement I: OOAK Necklace w/ Guanyin Coin, Picture Jasper, Sesame Jasper, Agate, Olivine Jade, and Palmwood Beads

 This necklace was a spontaneous creation.  I originally planned to design a bracelet, but a necklace soon evolved out of the materials I wanted to use together.  I've been experimenting with white backgrounds and lighting, and I think the combination of the two elements was perfect for this one-of-a-kind piece.  Because I enjoyed making this piece so much, I plan to make a few more that incorporate a bohemian palette. 

This necklace is both minimal and bohemian.  And, despite it's neutral palette, it is full of texture and pattern.  The necklace will make a statement with its various natural materials and eye-catching focal piece.


The necklace is reversible as the antique bronze Guanyin (Kwan Yin) centerpiece and replica Chinese dynasty coin are double-sided.  Guanyin is the Bodhisattva of compassion and is believed to observe or hear the cries of the world; on the back of this quarter-sized centerpiece is the yin yang symbol.   The dynasty coin, which is penny-sized, bring luck with a dragon on one side and Chinese characters on the other. 

Three picture jasper stones on one side of the necklace feature rich browns and creamy lattes, and tell a story of their own making them perfect for encouraging creativity and awareness.  (Above on the right.)  On the other side, a picture jasper stone accompanies an olivine jade stone and two white shell beads. (Above on the left.)
Two striking saucer-shaped palmwood and  water buffalo horn inlay beads, handpainted and polished by Filipino craftspeople are on each side of the necklace.  These horn used in these beads is a by-product, which makes these beautiful beads a sustainable result.  One of these beads is grouped with an olivine jade stone  and two carnelian colored agate stones with white bands (olivine is perfect for drawing luck and money).

Near the focal piece are two sesame jasper (also known as kiwi jasper) stones.  One stands alone and another is paired with white shell and a fluted, iris brown iridescent Preciosa Czech pressed glass bead.  Near the spring clasp of the necklace is a grouping of olivine and agate that will draw interest to the back of the wearer's neck.  This necklace looks amazing both coming and going!

This necklace is lightweight and measures 23 ¼" from end-to-end.  The pendant is 2" long and is about an inch wide at its widest point.  The chain is gold-plated iron that is nickel and lead free.  The chain has a beautiful soft, yet luminous, luster.  You can buy "Bohemian Engagement I" here on Etsy!

See this necklace for another design featuring Gwanyin :

Sunday, July 17, 2011

*SOLD* Lillian III Earrings: Amethyst & Lilac Stone Inspired by Thai Water Lilies

I love my Lillian I earrings, so I decided to make a similar pair that is also  one-of-a-kind.   These lightweight earrings are full of movement and the purple and gold--the colors of the Thai Water Lilies that inspired my Lillian Collection.   

These earrings feature deep purple to violet amethyst chips and Delica®, glass, silver-lined chocolate seed beads, which are secured by a gold tube bead on gold-over-brass teardrop hoops.  A golden faceted bead, heavily plated with 22 karat gold, a lilac stone, and a precious Delica® seed bead complete the drop that dances below the amethyst. 

This third version of Lillian earrings will compliment the Lillian I or Lillian II necklaces well.  Lillian III earrings come with ear nuts so you can wear them fastened through the first or second ring, for a touch of elegance, or unfastened, for a more contemporary look (e.g. see images above and below).  They are approximately 2" long fastened or unfastened (including the 3/4" drop).

See the matching necklace here:
and here:
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See the Lillian bracelet here:

Search Lillian on this blog's search feature to view pieces from the collection.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I'm working on...

I've been ordering materials and sketching ideas like mad lately.  I'm very excited about pieces I will be making in the next couple of months.  I plan to create a few high-end pieces featuring vermeil, Karen Hill Tribe silver, and 22k and 24k gold dipped brass.   Currently, all the materials I use are carefully chosen and of high quality, but I'd like to design a few pieces that are considered "fine jewelry" for those looking for the perfect wedding day necklace, anniversary gift, or special birthday present.

One piece that I'm working and am truly in love with features amazonite in a beautiful pale aquamarine shade, vermeil, and a 22k gold over brass pendant.  When the special clasp arrives along with a few other accents, I'll compete the design and begin work on another fine necklace featuring white coral, an opaline mother-of-pearl pendant, gold dipped and vintage accents.  There is also a blue jade and gold piece in the works and a few minimalist designs featuring handcrafted Hill Tribe silver (which is approximately 99% pure silver).

I'm also researching materials for my next 13/20 piece.  I'm not sure if I want to make another bracelet, which is more functional for dancing, or a necklace or long earrings.  I'll decide and create something in the next few days.  And, there are a few Nepalese, Turkoman, and Afghani pieces I need to build designs around--I'm waiting on a few more materials to arrive and then I'll get to work.

I will say that all of the upcoming pieces will be one-of-a-kind, so I plan to spend a lot of time with my camera and good lighting before I send them off to new homes.

I'm off to sleep now, as it's almost 2am local time!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

*SOLD* Taos Sunshine: Turquoise & Yellow Jade Necklace

"I think this necklace is glorious.  It's full of sunshine and color!"

This necklace is named for Taos, New Mexico because it evokes the colors of the region and takes me back to the time I lived in New Mexico.  I think this necklace is glorious.  It's full of sunshine and color!

"Taos Sunshine" is one-of-a-kind and features lovely Meyer Lemon-y yellow jade.  The yellow is positively gorgeous paired with the chunky blue turquoise stones.  Some turquoise nuggets have a heavy matrix, others have hints of green and brown veining.  Little silver beads separate each piece of turquoise, so each unique nugget stands out on its own.

The key focal point of the necklace is the white bone pendant bead carved into a beautiful rose.  Two faceted silver beads frame the flower pendant, which measures just under an inch across.
The necklace adjusts from 16 ½" to 18" and will bring lovely summery color to your decollete.

Buy it here on Etsy!

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Lillian Bracelet: Yellow Jade, Amethyst, & White Cinnabar - Treasury Item

 I photographed this bracelet on a beautiful sunny day.  The yellow jade looked amazing and I hope I've captured its beauty alongside the purple, silver, and cream tones here!

I love this bracelet!  The Lillian bracelet is lovely, one-of-a-kind, and the first bracelet in my Lillian collection inspired by purple and gold Thai water lilies. 

Lillian features yellow jade, which is looks amazing in sunlight  (as shown above).  Even in lower light, the jade is a beautiful, Meyer lemon-like yellow.  Antiqued silver bead caps with a woven-like texture showcase four larger jade stones.  A deep purple amethyst bead and carved cinnabar lotus flower in a creamy white hue help complete the bracelet.

This bracelet is 9" long, fits a wrist or arm up to 8", and closes with a Tibetan silver toggle clasp.  Although this bracelet will fit a larger woman's wrist best, it drapes well on my 6" wrist.  

See other pieces in the Lillian collection here:

Update 8/29/2011: Featured in an Etsy treasury!

Monday, July 11, 2011

New necklace and bracelet preview!

Here are a couple of preview shots of my two new designs.  

Lillian Bracelet

Taos Sunshine Necklace

I'll post them for sale on Etsy tomorrow.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Autumn Moss: OOAK Russian Serpentine & Antique Copper Necklace

This necklace is a redesign.  Originally, it was named "Moss" and consisted of the Russian serpentine stones and two antiqued copper globes (the latter are absent from the present design).  I photographed it many times and was simply unhappy with the results.  I thought that the necklace needed something more in order to photograph well, since pictures are what buyers' decisions are largely based on.  The Russian serpentine is quite lovely and I wanted to pair it with something that showcased the beauty of the stones.  I am happy with the redesigned necklace with its antiqued copper accents and faceted firepolished Czech glass beads in a rich copper brown.

The name "Autumn Moss" endeavors to capture the beautiful greens and browns in this one-of-a-kind necklace of Russian serpentine, firepolished Czech beads, and antique copper accents.  The serpentine is an olive-pistachio green with a beautiful matrix of forest and hunter green--very lovely. 

On the end of each piece of serpentine is an antique copper flower cap and between each pair of flower caps is a faceted, firepolished Czech glass bead in an rich shade of iridescent coppery brown.  These "Crystal Picasso" Czech beads capture and reflect light beautifully. 

The focal point of the necklace is an antique copper barrel with a floral filigree design.  Four Czech firepolished beads frame the barrel and reveal its elegant design.

"Autumn Moss" closes with an antique copper toggle and bar clasp with its own intricate design.  The necklace is 22", or matinee length, which is a versatile length for office, evening, and casual wear.  And, it is ½" wide at its widest points.

 For lovers of gemstone lore:
Associated with Aries, serpentine acts as a catalyst for joy, increases clarity, and enhances cellular growth while activating Kundalini energy.  It is also known for its ability to attract love and money and helps us become attuned and open to nature spirits and the Earth's serpent energy (hence its name!).  Read more about serpentine here:

 These pictures taken in low light with bright flash reveal the strikingly beautiful nature of serpentine.


  Buy "Autumn Moss" here on Etsy!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FÍONA Necklace & Earrings: OOAK Green Moasic Turquoise Set

I haven't made very many earring and necklace sets, so the Fíona collection is special.  This set is also the last of the pieces I made for my line launch back in May, and the last of the completed pieces ready for purchase.  The set is one of my favorites and is in my favorite color: green.  I am working on completing three more necklaces and I have a few more designs in mind, so I will be posting new items soon.


Fíona is an Irish Gaelic name meaning "vine,"and I think it suits this necklace perfectly.  This necklace features beautiful green mosaic turquoise, which has a striking green, black, and white with hints of gray and brown pattern.  Each bead is unique and, altogether, the necklace is sure to draw compliments.

This one-of-a-kind necklace has is modern and asymmetrical, as it has two, arguably three,  focal points.  A large silver-over-Lucite-and-copper focal bead (approx. 1 ½" by ¼") and a gunmetal wire mesh bead are the main foci of the necklace, but the Tibetan silver toggle clasp and silver leaf charm  also make a statement.

The necklace feels lightweight on and measures 18½"and 3/8" inch wide, excepting the silver focal bead.

The Fíona earrings make a statement on their own with their green mosaic turquoise globes, Indian bloodstone tubes, and silver leaf drops. 


The bloodstone is mostly a rich, deep hunter green, but has flecks of blood red and some lighter green tones.  Paired with the green mosaic turquoise, these are perfect for lovers of all things green.

Bloodstone has long been known for its healing properties and it helps re-align energies, increase one's courage, and encourages awareness and being-in-the-moment.  Bloodstone is also believed to help revitalize relationships and renew physical, mental, and emotional realms of one's life (source here).  It is a very special stone with a lot of aesthetic appeal.

So, although the necklace and earrings were made for each other, I think they will be statement pieces on their own, but I do hope one person gets to wear them together!

The earrings are lightweight and just shy of 3" long.  You can buy them here on Etsy.

You can buy the necklace here on Esty.