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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Last Week's Roundup

Here are two new necklaces available now...

World Traveler I - Sold

I've named this necklace World Traveler I because it reminds me of something someone might put together after a trip to India and Western or Northern Africa, perhaps. It represents a mix of cultures with its Banjara tribal coin pendant (dated 1974) and rust-colored carved horn beads (that bring West Africa to mind).

Rich red and warm gold wood beads balance the composition and earthy, turquoise and brown ceramic beads break up the red tones in the piece. This necklace would be lovely on someone with a warm or neutral complexion, and would be a striking piece on someone with pink or cool undertones.

To keep the necklace light, yet still make a dramatic statement, the top half is antiqued brass chain. I've added a brass clasp I hand formed and hammered and a tiny white-banded red agate to finish off the chain. The necklace is 18 1/2" (47cm) long including the clasp. The large bone beads are 3/4" (20mm) diameter and the coin pendant is just under an inch in diameter (24mm).

See the pictures for close-ups of both sides of the coin and the clasp.

  The Banjara are nomadic tribal peoples of India (sometimes called the gypsies of India). You can read more about them and their culture on Wikipedia or many other sources.

 Azure - $50.00 

 I love this necklace! Each one of dark blue druzy agate stones are a work of art. The labradorite tubes are framed between tiny mustard-hued delica seed beads; these along with the hammered solid copper chain and add a complimentary color note to the composition.

The copper chain is continuous (~14in/35.5cm) and the asymmetrical clasp adds interest. I hand formed and hammered the copper clasp especially for this design. Another touch of color is found in the aquamarine silkon cording the stones are strung on. This cord is strong and I've reinforced the knots with jeweler's glue.

The copper will take on a natural patina, or you can polish it with a gentle cloth. The chain has a slight patina already, so if you want the color to be more penny-like, you can polish it up (or ask me to do this before I ship it to you.)

The necklace is 19 3/8" (49cm) total. The blue druzy stones are 9/16" (14mm) in diameter. The labradorite dangles are 5/8" (16mm) long.


Friday, November 23, 2012

New Items, Raw Showcase Update, & Small Business Saturday

At my RAW Artist Pre-Showcase Photoshoot
 Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday! My life as a grad student continues to take precedence over updating this blog! But, if you're a fan on Facebook, you know that I've posted a few items over the last month and that I had a wonderful time at the Raw Artists' Showcase back in October. Tomorrow, 11/24, is Small Business Saturday, but but please remember to support small businesses year-round! As ya'll know, I'm a one-lady outfit: I imagine, design, create, photograph, and write about every item you'll find in my Etsy shop in the midst of my life as a graduate student.

 So, here's what's new:



Starry Night




Two items that may look familiar, but they've been revamped a little bit:

Lillian II

Red Flowers in Snow

Here are a few shots from Provocations, the RAW Artists Showcase held at Solas in Raleigh, NC back in October:

With Thanks to Berkowitz Photography
With Thanks to Berkowitz Photography
With Thanks to Heather Branstetter
With Thanks to Heather Branstetter
With Thanks to Berkowitz Photography
With Thanks to Berkowitz Photography

Here are a few quick pics of items that sold at the RAW showcase:




And one more from the photoshoot:

My Raw Profile - Picture by Berkowitz Photography