Sunday, July 3, 2011

*SOLD* Napoli Bracelet: Jasper & Cinnabar

In daylight.
I made this bracelet to match my Napoli necklace, which sold at my launch (you can see it here).  But I think it makes a statement on its own.

Named for the Italian city of Naples, this bracelet echoes the colors in Naples' flag.  The bracelet features oval red and green jasper beads that are a rich hunter greenish-black and steel gray with spots of green and small hints of red throughout.  This bracelet is perfect for gem and mineral lovers.  Each bead is unique and changes color in different lighting, which makes this bracelet truly unique.  A carved red cinnabar flower nestled between two golden beads and a golden flower clasp complete this elegant design. 

This OOAK bracelet is 8 ¼" long including the clasp.  It fits up to a 7 ¼" wrist or arm.  You can buy it here on Etsy!

With a bright flash in low light.

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