Thursday, June 16, 2011

*SOLD* Green Empress Necklace: Mosaic Turquoise, Cinnabar, & Hematite

Clasp detail.
This necklace is the second in my Empress collection, a collection composed of pieces that make the wearer feel beautiful, creative, and courageous (read about the first one here).
I love the color green and the mosaic turquoise that composes this necklace has a beautiful range of green, from light to dark, with a hint of blue turquoise.  The focal piece of the necklace is an asymmetrically positioned black cinnabar bead with a small hematite rondelle on each side.  Hematite also terminates each end of this necklace that closes with a Tibetan silver lucky fish clasp. 

I like adding hematite to jewelry because of its well known grounding and balancing properties.  In our busy world, it's easy to become distracted from what really matters in our lives.  In addition to the properties mentioned above, hematite is also a wonderful stone for teachers and others for whom public speaking is a daily activity, as it imparts courage, self-control, and at the same time, relieves stress.  Read more about hematite here:

This necklace drapes beautifully and is of moderate weight.  It measures 19" and its largest bead, the cinnabar, is an inch in diameter.  The clasp is new and secure, so the spring mechanism may seem stiff when you first use it.  After time, it will loosen while remaining secure.

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